Congratulations on accepting a seat at your new school!

Your next step is to begin online registration.
Please read everything on this page then click "register now" below to begin online registration.

The registration deadline for the 21-22 school year is June 5, 2021.

why is online registration important?

* Schools can better plan ahead for the school year*
*certified & full-time teacher in every classroom on the 1st day of school*
more efficient allocation of programs & resources*
special education & bilingual placements*
1. Gather your documents

You will need the following documents to begin registration at your new school:

1. Students' Original Birth Certificate

2. Two Proofs of Residency (Current ID (within the last year), utility bill, signed lease, mortgage statement, etc.)
Click Here For The Official List Of Residency Credentials
3. Universal Health Form and Immunization Records

Click Here For The New Jersey Universal Health Form
Click Here For The New Jersey Preschool Immunization Requirements
Click Here For The New Jersey Immunization Requirements

2. online registration

Once you have all of your necessary documents, login to One Camden and click REGISTER

During online registration, you will complete the following:

1. Upload your student's birth certificate, 2 proofs of residency, and your universal health form/immunization records/additional medical documents (i.e. Asthma Treatment Plan, Allergies, Medication Authorization, etc)

2. Enrollment Form

3. Home Language Survey

4. Media Consent Form

5. Emergency Contact Form

6. Displaced Families for Services Form

7. Enrollment Confirmation & Release of Records

**At any point during online registration, you can always save your progress and come back by clicking SAVE AND CONTINUE LATER**

***When you are finished uploading your documents and completing the forms, click SUBMIT. At this point, your documents are being reviewed by your new school***


At this point, your documents are under review. Your new school will reach out to you to verify registration.

Your registration must be verified by your new school.

If you have any questions, please click below to find your school's phone number or call One Camden at 856-536-3999.
Click Here To Look Up Your School's Phone Number

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