Alternative Education Opportunities
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Accelerated Academies
PRIDE Academy (Camden High School) and SOAR academy (At Woodrow Wilson High School)

In each program, students take accelerated courses to catch up with their on-track classmates through individualized schedules and extended time.

Eligibility requirements: High School students who are not on track to graduate on time, based on credit accumulation and/or exam results, and who meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Have been previously retained at least one time
2. have failed two or more core courses (english, math, science, social studies) in the previous school year/semester: and/or
3. have repeated, documented cases of non-violent behavior which impact the student's ability to remain on track

PRIDE Academy (Camden High) - - 856-966-5100
SOAR Academy (Woodrow Wilson) - Candice Butler - 856-966-5300

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Pride Transition Academy
In this program, offered at the Mickle campus, students take classes at the same pace as their peers in a smaller learning environment with structured behavior supports.

eligibility requirements: students in grades 6-12 may be referred in three ways:

1. school referral, typically in response to a severe disciplinary infraction
2. court appointment
3. parent request

parents can complete a referral form at their child's current school

Gateway to college
In this program, offered in partnership with Camden County College, students take dual-enrollment classes, which can be used for both high school graduation requirement credits and camden county college elective credits.

eligibility requirements: students aged 16-19 who previously dropped out and are not currently enrolled in high school.

contact: 856-227-7200 extension 1240

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In YouthBuild programs, students work full-time for 6-24 months toward their gEDs or high school diplomas while learning job skills by building affordable housing for people in their community service. at exit, students are placed in college, jobs, or both.

eligibility requirements: students aged 16-24 and considered low income

Contact: 856-756-0241

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